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Google Ads

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Google Search Marketing

We're a Certified Google Partner.

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  • Improve client's online presence & generate sales leads with Google Ads.
  • The client pay Google Ads spend directly.
  • Included ad development, content creation, copywriting, daily ad monitoring, ads optimization, marketing report. 
  • Unlimited keywords targeting & ad spend.
  • Analyze potential keywords and discover the latest market trends.
  • Guaranteed ranking as #1 ad of absolute top impression rate (Outrank competitors' Google Ads) & #1 ads of impression share (Capture the most impressions).
  • Monitoring campaign performance with real-time traffic analytics.
  • Identify & block unethical ad clickers effectively with sophisticated software.


Why us:

  • No hidden cost.
  • No contract is required.
  • Zero management fee on ad spend.
  • Manage by Certified Google Partner directly.
  • 11 years of search marketing experience. 
  • Managed 70+ different industries and spent RM1.7mil of ads.

What's a Certified Google Partner?

A Certified Google Partner means that the company is recognized for maximizing campaign success for the clients, driving clients' growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

How to identify a Certified Google Partner? 

Request the official Google Partner Link from them, like this

Beware of Imposter

Treey Consultancy did not hire any representatives or ads specialists to run the digital marketing agency. The fact is, from the sales inquiry to ads optimization are all solely managed by the Certified Google Partner, Joe Ngai personally.

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