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Facebook Ads Marketing | 10-Day Free Trial

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Try 10-Day Facebook Advertising For Free

We're a Certified Meta Business Partner in Malaysia.

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Facebook has transformed the way people do business. Free trial available now, try our service for FREE!


  • Free of charge 10-Day Facebook Ads services.
  • Execute & optimize the client's Facebook campaign.
  • Included ad development, content creation, copywriting, daily ad monitoring, ads optimization, and marketing reports.
  • Campaign spending max. limit RM1,000.00 in 10 days.
  • Excluded ad spend. The client pays Facebook Ads directly.
  • Reach out to potential customers via interest, behavior, and location targeting.
  • Ads monitoring with real-time traffic analytics.
  • Required to be assigned as Facebook admin role. 
  • Excluded creative production e.g. video production & editing, commercial photography, graphic design & illustration.


 Why us:

  • No hidden cost.
  • No contract is required.
  • Zero management fee on ad spending.
  • 11 years of Facebook marketing experience. 
  • Hands-on experience in over 20+ different industries.

Do you guarantee marketing ROI?

No. There’s no way for a digital marketing agency to know what's the marketing ROI before executing the marketing campaigns. If an agency is able to generate ROAS (Return of ads spend) between (500%) 5:1~ (800%) 8:1, that is a good return but still, the client may have a different point of view.

The highest ROAS you've ever generated? 

126:1, which means for every RM1.00 spent on advertising, the client earned RM126.00. 

Facebook ads and Google ads, which is better?

Facebook marketing is push marketing, telling targeting audiences what products/services you offer, like TV commercials and billboards. Google ads are pull marketing, capturing the attention of web searchers who search for what they wanted proactively. 

How much Facebook daily budget is required?

To become our customer, RM50 daily budget is required, average monthly budget is about RM1500.

Do you charge a management fee on ad spend?

Most digital marketing agencies charge 15%~30% due to the reason of higher ad spend causing more workloads. In Treey Consultancy, we do not charge any fee on ad spending since founded in 2012. We found the agency's conflicts of interest may be costing the client money.

The management fee financially motivates them to continue to spend more on the client's campaigns. Hence, to increase the agency's profit, unethical agencies can use this opportunity to overcharge what you pay for your ads without your knowledge.

Any service contracts required?

No contract is required. The only benefit we receive from the client is a monthly retainer, like a fixed salary but without EPF, Sosco, and a year-end bonus. In order to secure our business with the client, we use no contract but performance to sustain the relationship.