SEO for G Guard

How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?

A million dollar question. Below is one of the answer we found online,

Hence, we'd like to take this opportunity to track a new SEO project for that just started early of October 2022.

Some Keywords

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SERP (12th Oct 22)

SERP (16th Nov 22)

ceramic coating shah alam 2
ceramic coating malaysia 6 3
car coating shah alam 5 3
car coating malaysia 6 5
car ppf shah alam 1
car ppf kl 2
nano ceramic coating shah alam 3 2
ppf kl 2 1
ppf malaysia 2
paint protection film malaysia 4 2
ppf car protection kl 3 2
ppf car protection pj 3
ppf car protection shah alam 2 1
ppf car coating 4 3
ppf car coating kl 3 2
ppf car coating pj 3
ppf car coating shah alam 2 1
ppf car film kl 5 2
ppf car film pj 4 3
ppf car film shah alam 2 1
ppf car coat 3
ppf car coat kl 2 1
ppf car coat pj 2 1
ppf car coat shah alam 2 1
ppf shah alam 2
ppf coating Malaysia 2
ppf coating 2
ppf coating kl 4 1
ppf coating shah alam 2 1

How much does SEO cost?

Our one-off setup fee is RM2,000.00 + The monthly retainer fee is RM500.00.

Few months later, RM2,000.00 per keyword will be charged when the keyword ranks at top of the Google results page.

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